Part of the space

Reach your bedroom by heading up the front staircase  to the second floor landing.  A desk provides a convenient spot to catch up on email or that paperwork that somehow seems to follow you.


Forgot your laptop?  Need to print a boarding pass?

No problem, there’s a PC at the desk, complete with

Internet connection and laser printer.

Living Room

Warm and inviting—

Read, catch up with friends,

maybe watch some TV

Do you play the piano?

Breakfast is served …

… in the Dining Room

Tell us the night before what you’d like and you’ll find breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

The Patio

When the weather beckons, feel free to take your breakfast outside and enjoy the yard and the abundant birds.

Our two sons, Collin in front and Alex in back, took up torchworking — forming clear and colored glass rods into various shapes and patterns. Those flames reach 2200° by the way!


Their studio is in the basement and it used to be that you might catch them at work. Collin’s moved to Hawaii (yeh, we know) and now Alex is in grad school.


While you won’t get a chance to see them, we couldn’t bear to take their picture off the site.

We don’t have tennis courts, but we do have tennis balls!

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