Hotel or B&B?

For many of the years we’ve been welcoming guests to our Bed and Breakfast, there were no nearby hotel or motel options … at least none that were particularly nice.  However, there are now a couple of legitimate options for visitors to the area.

Can’t ignore the obvious, so here are some things to consider;


Our B&B is half a block from the College campus and a block and a half from the train station.  We’re also just four blocks from the Springfield Mall.  So, if you want to avoid renting a car, we can serve as a base of operation quite easily.

If your agenda is a busy one, it’s easy enough to return quickly to rest or freshen up before getting on with the rest of your day.


When you stay with us, you’re at home — our home, which we thoroughly enjoy sharing with others.  The guest rooms and furnishings are unique and inviting.  Lots of antiques, if you’re into that.  The “public space” includes a patio, porch, living room and dining room.  Even when we’re full, we’re not crowded.  You can strike up conversations with fellow travelers and really get to know them — happens quite a bit here.

Cathy and I have been operating our B&B since 2004 and thoroughly enjoy it.  We’ve made friends — good friends — along the way.  We aim to be as accommodating as possible and will always try to honor a request or need for a favor.  We have a comment sheet in each room and we read every one.  When offered a suggestion for an improvement, we act on it if at all possible.


The baths are supplied with high-end soaps and shampoos as well as thick, luxury towels.  Even the showerheads were selected to provide a richer experience than expected.

Four pillows to a bed, of varying thickness and firmness.  On the beds, of course, the highest quality flannel sheets.


Most unusual for a B&B, each guest’s breakfast is made to order.  No shortcuts on the ingredients.  Oatmeal from rolled oats cooked on the stove, pancake batter made up that morning from individual ingredients, real Vermont maple syrup, granola made by Cathy from a recipe she refined during our first years in business … you get it.  Oh!  The eggs are even special — supplied by a teenager here in town who has his own flock of laying hens.

And if you’re a parent here to visit your student at college, they are very welcome to join us for breakfast—at no charge.


You’ll find a night here to be consistently less costly than nearby hotels.  And while  cost is only one factor, if you can pay less and get more, then we think it’s a great deal.

But here’s an offer —

If you can get a better online rate at the Swarthmore College Inn or the Springfield Marriott Courtyard…


The finest bedding

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